Hi there! Today I'm sharing with you the first few pages of my New York mini album. As you can see, I went for a 6x8 from Studio Calico for the album itself. I've seen loads of people use this album! It's super cool! It's from on older range called Brighton Pier which made getting page protectors tricky (the prongs are different from the newer SC 6x8s) but the script on the cover is badass.

So this is my title page at the moment. I'm thinking of putting an overlay in front (or a photo montage?) but I'll probably come back to that right at the end of the project when I do all of the finishing touches. 

Mr C and I travelled to NY back in October (for our honeymoon!) and it was our first visit to the big apple. We thought it was a 'once in a lifetime' trip, but already we're talking about going back! We're city people at heart so we really felt at home walking around the streets of Manhattan. It was a lot like London, in some ways, but a lot friendlier - and a lot taller! We managed to ram a lot into 7 days (due to a lot of research/planning before we flew) but there are still things we didn't have time to do. 

I used vellum here between the two boarding passes as I didn't want to punch the tickets themselves. Vellum is surprisingly sturdy! I thought I'd have to reinforce it but actually I didn't need to. 

We stayed at a trendy little hotel called The Moderne. I'd really recommend it - the staff were amazing and it's really close to Times Square and Central Park. They also have a lounge where you can help yourself to unlimited filter coffee (big plus for a coffee addict like myself!). 

On our first morning we wandered down to Times Square for breakfast. Mr C had found a restaurant on Trip Advisor (I think it was called Ellen's Stardust Diner) which had fantastic reviews and we were looking forward to some proper american pancakes and bacon. What we weren't expecting was for all the waiters and waitresses to burst into song! Turns out all the staff are singers waiting for their big break on Broadway. The streets outside were busy, even on a Sunday. The atmosphere though - electric. 

We spent a fair amount of time in the Disney Store in Times Square, then Toys R Us (because we're super grown up). Then we wandered about some more. I'm really not sure where I am in some of the pictures, I hadn't gotten my bearings yet at this point. (In all honesty, I have no sense of direction anyway. I let Mr C lead my around all week as husband/Sat Nav.) 

That's all I've completed for now, the rest is still a work in progress. I should have another chunk of pages finished by next weekend - hopefully! Thanks for stopping by. I'll update this post tomorrow with a series of links to the products I've used (but right now I need to get some shut eye!). 

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  1. Such a great way to collect your memories together, the scrapbook effect is so cool!