Project Life 2015 - Week 28

I'm finally on school holidays (hooray for being a teacher!) which means time to catch up with my PL and hopefully make some memories over the next few weeks. I haven't got a great deal planned for my summer (blog post to follow on that!) but I'm still planning on making the best of my free time by relaxing, spending time with the people I love and doing the things that I enjoy most (other than flying to faraway places - but I'll be doing a lot of that next year to make up for it ). 

My favourite thing about this layout is the tiny details. The stamps on the orange card were designed by Jessy Christopher for Citrus Twist Kits and are perfect for your summer projects or planner. I'm so glad I snapped them up! And did you know you get free shipping with Citrus Twist Kit products from their shop? Including to the UK? I didn't until recently!

 The adorable wood veneer and puffy stickers are from one of my favourites, Shop Evalicious. A boba/bubble tea place recently opened in the shopping centre near where I live so I was finally able to try bubble tea AND use my bubble tea embellishment!) Pretty much everything else pictured is from, you guessed it, Studio Calico

Pictured are the stamps and embellishments I used to create Week 28. The stamps in the bottom left hand corner are the Citrus Twist ones but I also used some Kelly Purkey, Studio Calico and Shop Evalicious. The Studio Calico cards are a mixture of July's Fairground kits and cards from previous months as I was halfway through the layout when my kit arrived! So typical!

So that's me done for today. I hope you enjoyed looking at my latest pages and thanks for stopping by :)


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