Project Life 2015 - Week 26

I'm so pleased to finally be in my 9x12 album! I've been waiting patiently for July to come around so I could move into my second album of the year. Back in January, with a bunch of old 12x12 pocket protectors and no such thing as the fuse, I decided to stick to the 12x12 format that I already had the supplies for. However, a couple of months ago my album was starting to look a little full... I was secretly thrilled! Straight away I ordered the Slate Cloth 9x12 album from Studio Calico.

I've decided to ditch hand journalling (again). Last time I did this it was only about three weeks before I was scribbling on journalling cards again (which is so much quicker and easier!) but I'm determined to stick to it this time with the help of these photo templates from Paislee Press.

I will admit, it took me a while (like half an hour!) to figure out how to use the templates. I wish they came with instructions! It turns out the process is quite a simple one, when you know how. This tutorial from Caylee Grey explains it well and saved my laptop from getting thrown across the room!  I am NOT a patient person when I want to start scrapbooking.

I used cards from Studio Calico's Galileo PL kit for this layout. I've been hoarding this kit all month as I wanted to save it's summery cards for documenting my summer break. All the embellishments I used are from Studio Calico, too - including the little dog wood veneer!

I still need to work on my front page and punch some extra holes in my divider (love the pattern on this one!) but all in all not a bad start to 2015 part 2! :)


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