Project Life 2015 - Week 28

I'm finally on school holidays (hooray for being a teacher!) which means time to catch up with my PL and hopefully make some memories over the next few weeks. I haven't got a great deal planned for my summer (blog post to follow on that!) but I'm still planning on making the best of my free time by relaxing, spending time with the people I love and doing the things that I enjoy most (other than flying to faraway places - but I'll be doing a lot of that next year to make up for it ). 

My favourite thing about this layout is the tiny details. The stamps on the orange card were designed by Jessy Christopher for Citrus Twist Kits and are perfect for your summer projects or planner. I'm so glad I snapped them up! And did you know you get free shipping with Citrus Twist Kit products from their shop? Including to the UK? I didn't until recently!

 The adorable wood veneer and puffy stickers are from one of my favourites, Shop Evalicious. A boba/bubble tea place recently opened in the shopping centre near where I live so I was finally able to try bubble tea AND use my bubble tea embellishment!) Pretty much everything else pictured is from, you guessed it, Studio Calico

Pictured are the stamps and embellishments I used to create Week 28. The stamps in the bottom left hand corner are the Citrus Twist ones but I also used some Kelly Purkey, Studio Calico and Shop Evalicious. The Studio Calico cards are a mixture of July's Fairground kits and cards from previous months as I was halfway through the layout when my kit arrived! So typical!

So that's me done for today. I hope you enjoyed looking at my latest pages and thanks for stopping by :)

Wish List #2

These jelly bags from Sun Jellies are a must, surely? I have the 'Molly' and I'm totally in love with it.

I must invest in some stamps from Felicity Jane. They're so perfect for Project Life.

Still crushing over the Happy Things collection from Pinkfresh Studio. Anyone have any idea where I can get my hands on this (in the UK)?

I miss my monthly surprise from The Lucky Dip club. I found my personalised ice cream necklace today - so quirky and retro. I really must subscribe again soon.

You can buy DIY bubble tea supplies from PopaBall here. Eeep!

My inner child really, really wants this planner from Paperchase.

A walk-in cloud of breathable cocktail?! Count me in!

Project Life 2015 - Week 27

Here is my week 27 using an assortment of cards from Studio Calico, photo templates from Paislee Press and embellishments from Shop Evalicious and Studio Calico.

The 'fun and sun' and 'yay' stamps are from Citrus Twist kits and were designed by Jessy Christopher! I look forward to using them a great deal more throughout the summer. 
Thanks for stopping by :)

Weekend Inspiration #2

This girls throws together a mean mini book. Also major 9x12 inspiration here. Maybe this is my new favourite blog.

Jessy Christopher does it again using Citrus Twist kit goodies.

I love everything about this layout - and created in only 30 minutes!

I you need a creative injection, I'd recommend this pocket pages class. I've just started reading and perusing through the pictures and it's already given me a boost!

Another cute summer mini from Steffi Ried.

Creative team inspiration over at One Little Bird using the new Scoop range. So sweet!

Make it: Planner DIY #1

This post has been two days in the making! I decided on Monday that it was time I finally set up my Webster's Color Crush Planner with some new DIY dividers and other goodies. However, busy life stuff got in the way (don't you hate it when that happens?) and I've only gotten around to snapping the finished products today.

I chose papers and ephemera from Dear Lizzy's Fine & Dandy collection for my dividers and dashboard. The 6x6 cardstock wasn't quite tall enough so I backed it on white printer paper before laminating it. I also stuck on circles of kraft paper that I'd cut with my one inch punch to use as tabs.

The process was much more time consuming than I thought it would be but the results are well worth it! I wasn't sure if I'd like the shiny laminated look but it makes the dividers so strong, I'd say it's a must. I cut the pieces out with scissors and punched the holes using my 6-hole punch. You could probably do it with a regular hole punch but the 6-hole punch saved me a lot of time and fiddling.

I decorated the dashboard using the 'hooray' card from the Fine & Dandy ephemera, heart stickers from Studio Calico and an adorable bubble tea sticker from Shop Evalicious. The paperclip in the pocket was also made using a stamp from Shop Evalicious, but I'll talk more about that another time! (I could rave about Shop Evalicious goodies all day!) 

Also, if I'm not mistaken is Maggie Holmes rocking a white Colour Crush planner too? Check out her dashboard design here. Thanks for stopping by! 

Project Life 2015 - Week 26

I'm so pleased to finally be in my 9x12 album! I've been waiting patiently for July to come around so I could move into my second album of the year. Back in January, with a bunch of old 12x12 pocket protectors and no such thing as the fuse, I decided to stick to the 12x12 format that I already had the supplies for. However, a couple of months ago my album was starting to look a little full... I was secretly thrilled! Straight away I ordered the Slate Cloth 9x12 album from Studio Calico.

I've decided to ditch hand journalling (again). Last time I did this it was only about three weeks before I was scribbling on journalling cards again (which is so much quicker and easier!) but I'm determined to stick to it this time with the help of these photo templates from Paislee Press.

I will admit, it took me a while (like half an hour!) to figure out how to use the templates. I wish they came with instructions! It turns out the process is quite a simple one, when you know how. This tutorial from Caylee Grey explains it well and saved my laptop from getting thrown across the room!  I am NOT a patient person when I want to start scrapbooking.

I used cards from Studio Calico's Galileo PL kit for this layout. I've been hoarding this kit all month as I wanted to save it's summery cards for documenting my summer break. All the embellishments I used are from Studio Calico, too - including the little dog wood veneer!

I still need to work on my front page and punch some extra holes in my divider (love the pattern on this one!) but all in all not a bad start to 2015 part 2! :)

Weekend Inspiration #1

I love the tiny details and hand stitching on this layout. The fact that it features a coffee cup: bonus.

Kelly Purkey makes me wish I was in New York now. Roll on October!

Love the letter placement in this pocket page by Stephanie Bryan. Must try this.

The black + white photos in contrast to the coloured journalling cards = perfection. It makes so much sense to do this on weeks where your photographs don't have a theme/colours in common.

Enrol in Ali Edward's Week in the Life class for free. There won't be any posts until next month but there are some links worth checking out. (Plus, it can't hurt to be organised!)

Join the #LittleSummerJOY project here and get your supplies ready before the first prompt on Monday. I'll be playing along with a 4x6 mini book.

Wish List #1

Image from Christy Tomlinson

The more I see this planner kit the more I want it!

Still crushing over this cupcake tassel from HautePinkFluff.

These coffee stamps! Sigh!

Got to have this neendori to go with my pop tart charm.

Missed out on the Cream Soda add on over at Studio Calico? Download some of the cute book cards in digital form instead.

This donut coin purse from Forever 21 is too cute.

Also I was the guest blogger for June over at the One Little Bird blog. Check out my post using some of my favourite OLB designs to create three hybrid pages.